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Saratoga Little League, California

AAA (9-11)

AAA is the highest level of competition in the MINORS Division.

Players range from 8 - 12 years old. Only highly skilled 8-years are considered for the division and typically there are a fair mix of 9, 10 and 11 year olds.

12 year olds are only permitted on special waiver from Little League International. The league introduces new rules including; the number of players on the field is reduced from 10 to 9, base stealing is permitted, and there is no limitation regarding the numbers of batters that can be walked per inning. All players on the team bat.

Managers draft players based upon tryout ratings and their individual team needs. Each player must play a minimum of three innings in a six-inning game. Coaches focus on developing individual and team skills to field a competitive team and prepare them for the Majors Division. Game scores and standings are recorded. Upon completion of the regular season, a post-season playoff tournament is held. The First and Second Place teams from the tournament receive trophies. The First Place team from the tournament advances to the District Level Tournament of Champions.

For a 8 year old to be eligible to try out for the AAA division, he/she must be recommended by the division commissioner and receive a 2/3 vote of approval from the Operations Committee. For the Commissioner to recommend a player, the player must be considered an "impact player" who will be drafted within the first half of the draft.

Skill Goals

  • Continued focus on good sportsmanship and team play!
  • Batting skills development including bunting, pitch selection and reading signals from Manager/Coach.
  • Increased development of catchers (signals, blocking, pass balls, making the throw from home to second, good throws back to pitcher on the mound and when pitcher is covering home plate) as importance of position increases at this level.
  • Pitching emphasis on good mechanics, injury prevention (ice), and development of pitching variety (fastball, change-up, location).
  • Develop base running skills for situational play.
  • Fielding emphasis on getting behind the ball and setting up the throw, getting ball to the correct position for the out or to keep the runners from advancing.
  • Arm strengthening through practice (long toss).

Division Rules
AAA play is governed by the rules established by Little League Baseball as well as the Local Saratoga Little League Rules.

All-Star Tournament
At the end of the year there is an inter divisional All-Star tournament. All-Star Selection information is available on line.

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