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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the League ID #?

How old must my kid be to play baseball?

Saratoga LL has kids from 4 years old to 12 years old.

What is baseball “league age”?
This chart can be used to determine “League Age" in 2020. The league age is used to determine eligibility to play in the different divisions (see levels of play below). From 2019, all divisions of Little League Baseball have the player's age as of August 31 as the league age so that it is easier for all.

Is Little League Baseball just for boys? 
No. We have many girls playing as well.

What are divisions and what division can my kid play in?
Please take a look at our webpage under Divisions.

How much does it cost to play?
The league is a fully volunteer run organization. The fees are the main source of income for the league and helps pay for the uniforms, fields, scoreboards, practice equipment, clinics, training, events, etc. The fees are posted for each division when you register for the season. It is based on both age and division the player wants to play in.

I have signed up my kid for the upcoming season. Now what?
Once the registration is confirmed, tryouts are held in January for all kids except the Mini/T-ball division. After the tryouts, balanced teams are formed and team rosters are communicated. The manager/coach of the team will be in contact with the parents about practices and start of the games once the schedule is finalized. Uniforms are ordered when the teams are formed and will be distributed before the first game of the season. The whole league shows up on Opening Day, which marks the start of the season!

Please look at the required equipment so you are prepared for the season before the first practice/game. If this is your first time and you need help, coaches and managers will help you choose the right equipment for your kids.

What are the volunteer requirements?
Saratoga LL is a volunteer run organization and all parents are expected to volunteer. We require a minimum of 10 hours for Mini/T-ball and 15 hours for other divisions per player. You can also optionally buy out from volunteering for $440 per player.
For more information on volunteer roles, please click here. You can sign up to be a volunteer here.

What is Opening Day?
Once teams and schedules are formed, Opening Day marks the start of our new spring season! We have all the players at Congress Springs Park in the morning, assembled in their team uniforms with their teams, and parade through the audience of proud parents, coaches, managers and volunteers! The little league player and parents pledges are taken, the national anthem sung, with a few dignitaries in attendance to say a few words. The high school baseball team is usually present and our littlest ones through the first pitch of the season, and away we go!

When is Opening Day?
Opening Day will be in the first or second weeked of March. We may have a game on opening day for specific divisions.

What baseball equipment is required?
A baseball uniform consists of baseball pants, a baseball belt, a jersey, a cap, and a pair of baseball socks. SLL will provide a cap, jersey, belt and socks to each player for game use.

Pants have to be bought by the player. The team manager will provide more information about the type and color before the season start on pants. White baseball pants can be bought for practices at any sports store such as Dick's sporting goods, Big 5 or Sports Basement or online on Amazon and other portals.

Helmets can be shared in the lower divisions but it is recommended that each player get a helmet to fit their head as shared helmets are not guaranteed to fit! Helmets should be devoid of markings.

A fielding glove is required - right handed players need a glove for their left hand and left handed ones need a right-handed glove. Soft gloves are recommended and many gloves need to be broken in before use. Coaches and managers are always willing to help with care and maintenance questions.

Baseball cleats are recommended for all players, except Mini/T-ball players, who can wear regular sneakers.

Catchers equipment will be provided by SLL but catchers must wear a cup in AA. In higher divisions, it is recommended that everyone wears a cup. 

Bats - there are specific USA Baseball bats that are allowed in the league. More information on bats can be found on our website or in communications from the league as and when the standards are updated.

It is recommended that you have baseball bags for the players to bring all the equipment in for practices and games. Water bottles are essential as well!

Please mark all equipment with the player's name using a sharpie/permanent marker as you will be surprised at how many unmarked items are orphaned during the season!

Where are games played? 
All games are played at the Congress Springs Park in Saratoga, CA95070

When are the games played? When are practices held? How long are they? When do they begin?
Please look at the divisions page for information about games and practices.
Except for Mini/T-Ball, all other divisions have a game on Saturday, maybe a game during the week and one practice during the week. Weekday games and practices are in the evenings and Saturday games are typically in the morning and afternoon. Mini/T-ball have a game on Saturday that typically lasts an hour and one practice during the week. Other games typically last 2 to 2:30 hrs unless some games need to go into extra innings.

Practices for upper divisions begin in February as soon as teams are formed.

Games are usually Tues or Thurs evenings and Sat. Tues/Thurs are around 5/5:30 and Saturdays range throughout the day usually morning and early afternoon. Final schedules are usually out sometime in Feb.

Farm and above has two games a week and one practice usually. Practice tends to be Sunday or whatever is worked out between the Manager and the team, but team Manager gets final say since they are putting in all of the time to teach the kids.

How long will the season last?
From beginning of march to end of May, early June. The All-Stars tournaments begin in June and may extend to July.

What is All-Stars?
Please see the webpage on All-Stars.

When are team assignments made?
Usually in February after the tryouts are held in mid January.

What are tryouts? When are they held? What if my kid can't make the date/time?
All players not in Mini/T-ball are evaluated on their baseball and athletic skills. The results of tryouts are used to draft players on teams. This gives us an opportunity to create balanced teams across all divisions. In 2019, tryouts will be held on January 12, 2019. There are no "makeup" tryouts, but please contact us to see if a different time slot could work. If teams are lopsided, it hurts everyone on all teams.

What is Photo Day? Are there team pictures? Individual ones?
Yes, team pictures are included with the registration fee. Photo Day is a specific day in the season where team pictures and individual pictures with players in full uniform are taken by professional photographers. Each time has a specific time slot that will be determined closer to the time. You have the chance to buy additional packages as well. There is one alternative day in the season for catch-ups.

Do you take buddy requests for friends to be in the same team?
We try to make the teams balanced through the tryouts mechanism. If there are any buddy requests, and if they don't have a material impact on the balance of the team, we will take that into consideration.

For Mini/T-ball, we have a very successful 'Classmates Play Ball' program that is all about buddies playing on the same team!

What is 'Classmates Play Ball'?

For Mini/T-ball, we have a very successful 'Classmates Play Ball' program that is all about buddies and classmates playing on the same team!
For registration contact the secretary.

  • Open to girls and boys aged 4-6
  • Need 6 or more players for a team and 1 volunteer coach to register as a team
  • Discounted rate of $99 per player (normally $200)
  • Season starts as any regular spring season.
For more info, please see the specific page for 'Classmates Play Ball'

I have two (or more) kids of similar age, can they be on the same team?
They don't have to be. But if they have similar skills so as to be in the same division, we make every effort to have them on the same team for convenience of drop-offs, pick-ups and games together. Please contact us if that is the case closer to the team formation time.

What is a Snack Shack? Who is responsible for manning it?
The snack shack is a concessions stand in the park. It has various food items for purchase during games. It is overseen by a snack shack coordinator. Parent volunteers are responsible for running whenever it is open for business. There is a minimum age requirement for volunteering for snack shack duty. Most Mini/T-ball families are preferred as they don't have many team volunteering opportunities. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Can my kid switch teams if he/she is unhappy?
We allow kids to switch teams only in extenuating circumstances after the teams have been formed. Requests must be made in writing to [email protected] with reasons. Requests are kept confidential.

Can I get a refund if my kid doesn't want to play?

No refund will be made if registration is withdrawn after teams are formed and uniforms are ordered. Partial refunds may be made on a case by case basis..

Where can I find the Rules of the Game?
Official little league rules are used and can be found here. Saratoga LL local rules can be referred to on our website under Rules.

Who umpires games? What do I do if I disagree with a call?
Saratoga LL uses adult umpires and youth umpires for games. For more information on umpires, please refer to our website under Umpires.

What is your approach to my kid's safety?
We are very serious about player safety. The Safety Officer is a board member. Please see our webpage under Safety for more information.

Can I become a board member?
Anyone can be nominated to be a board member. Please contact us if you wish to serve on the board. We are always in need of dedicated and responsible board members!

Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved?
[email protected]

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