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Saratoga Little League, California

League Requirements

Please use the League Finder tool to input your address or your children's school address to make sure Saratoga LL is your league.

The 2019 Age Chart is available here.

Please be sure that your child(ren) is eligible by age and residency before registering. The league will require proof of residency or school at the time of in-person verification and will refund registration fees minus processing charges for those who do not meet the requirements.

A detailed TEXT LISTING of all eligible street addresses in Saratoga is listed below.

The league cannot make any exceptions without following the waiver rules of Little League headquarters in Williamsport, PA. Should you have questions about your residency after reviewing the maps provided, please contact the Registrar.  

Street Name & Address Limitations
3rd Street
4th Street
5th Street
6th Street
Aberdeen Court
Albar Court
Alder Court
Allendale Drive 18930 -18866 (even numbered addresses only)
Allendale Drive 19000 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Aloha Avenue
Alondra Lane
Alta Vista Avenue
Ambricknoll Road
Andrew Court
Angus Court
Ansley Place
Anzia Drive
Apollo Heights Court
Apollo Way
Apricot Hill Court
Archibald Drive
Argonaut Court
Argonaut Drive
Argonne Drive
Arroyo de Arguello: 12720 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Ashley Court
Ashley Way
Athos Place
Audrey Smith Ln.
Austin Way
Bach Court
Bainter Avenue
Bainter Way
Bancroft Ave.
Bank Mill Road
Banyan Lane
Baranga Lane
Barksdale Court
Baroni Court
Bay Springs Road
Beaumont Avenue
Beck Avenue
Beckwith Road
Bella Vina
Bella Vista Avenue
Belle Court
Bellwood Drive: All even numbered addresses only
Belnap Way
Bestview Court
Big Basin Way
Black Walnut Court
Blauer Drive
Blue Gum Court
Blythe Court
Blythswood Avenue
Blythswood Drive
Bohlman Road
Bonnie Brae Lane
Bonnie Brae Way
Bonnie Ridge Way
Bougainvillea Court
Bountiful Acres Way
Boyce Lane
Braemar Court
Braemar Drive
Brandywine Court
Brandywine Drive
Briar Court
Brigham Road
Brockton Lane
Brook Glen Court
Brook Glen Drive: 12600 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Brookwood Lane
Buckhaven Lane
Buckingham Court
Burgundy Way
Burns Way
Butano Terrace
Cabernet Drive
Calle Montolvo
Calle Tacuba
Cambridge Drive
Camino Barco
Camino De Los Barcos
Camino Rico
Canon Drive
Canyon View Drive
Carnelian Circle
Carnelian Glen Court
Carniel Avenue: 12725 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Carniel Court
Chablis Court
Chadbourne Lane: 18392 - 18300 (even numbered addresses only)
Chadwick Court
Chalet Clotilde Drive
Chalet Lane
Chardonnay Court
Charters Avenue
Charters Court
Chateau Court
Chateau Drive
Chester Avenue: 13901 - 14055 (odd numbered address only)
Chester Avenue: 14055 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Chiquita Court
Chiquita Way
Christie Drive
Citrus Lane
Cody Lane
Columbine Court
Comer Drive
Congres Springs Lane
Congress Hall Lane
Congress Springs Road
Corte De Arguello
Cox Avenue: 19000 - 19499 (odd and even numbered addresses)
Cox Avenue: 19500 and greater (even numbered addresses only)
Craigen Circle
Crestbrook Drive
Crestridge Drive
Crisp Avenue
Cumberland Drive
Cunningham Place
Curry Court
Cyril Place
Dagmar Drive: All even numbered addresses only
Damon Lane
Darien Way
Daves Avenue: 18265 - 18425 (odd numbered addresses only)
Debbie Lane
Decatur Road
Deepwell Court
Deer Canyon Lane
Deer Spring Court
Deer Trail Court
Deerpark Court
Dehavilland Court
Dehavilland Drive
Denevi Lane
Deodar Lane
Diamond Oaks Court
Dolphin Drive: All odd numbered addresses only
Donna Lane
Dorchester Drive
Dorene Court
Dorsey Way
Douglass Lane
Dover Court
Drumond Drive
Durham Court
Easton Drive
Easton Place
Edina Lane
Edinburgh Drive
El Camino Grande
El Camino Senda
El Dorado Court
El Puente Way
Elva Avenue
Elvira Street
Emerald Hill
Encina Court
Esterlee Avenue
Eucalyptus Drive
Far Vue Lane
Farragut Lane
Farwell Avenue
Farwell Court
Fieldstone Drive
Fifth Street
Fontaine Drive
Foothill Lane
Foothill Drive
Forest Hills Drive
Fourth Street
Franklin Avenue
Fruitvale Avenue
Garnett Court
Garrod Road
Gerald Zappelli Court
Gerneil Court
Glasgow Court
Glasgow Drive
Glen Arbor Court
Glen Brae Court
Glen Brae Drive
Glen Una Drive
Glenmont Drive
Granite Court
Granite Way
Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Lane
Greenwood Road
Gunther Court
Gypsy Hill Road
Hammons Avenue
Hargrave Way
Harleigh Court
Harleigh Drive: 18983 odd - 19060 even and greater (odd and even addresses)
Harper Drive
Haun Court
Hayfield Court
Haymeadow Drive
Heather Heights
Heber Way
Heritage Oak
Hernandez Avenue: 18430 - 18234 (even numbered addresses only)
Hernandez Avenue: 18431 - 18411 (odd numbered addresses only)
Hernandez Lane
Herriman Avenue
Hickory Hill Way
Hidden Drive
Hidden Hill Place
Hidden Hill Road
Hidden View Lane
Hill Avenue
Hilltop Way
Hillvale Avenue
Hillview Drive
Holiday Drive
Holyoke Court
Homes Drive
Horseshoe Court
Horseshoe Drive
Houston Court
Howen Drive
Hume Drive
Idlewood Lane
Ione Court
Jacaranda Court
Jacks Road
Jepsen Court
Jerries Drive
Jolene Court
Juna Court
June Way
Juniper Lane
Junipero Way
Kahala Court
Kenosha Court
Kerwin Ranch Court
Kilbride Court
Kilbride Drive
Kilt Court
Kittridge Road
Komina Avenue
Kosich Court
Kosich Place
La Paloma Avenue
La Vista Court
La Vista Drive
Lacey Avenue
Lanark lane
Lancaster Road
Lannoy Court
Larchmont Avenue: 12421 odd - 12442 even and greater (odd and even addresses)
Lark Way
Laurel Drive
Leland Circle
Leonard Road
Lexington Court
Lika Court
Linda Vista Avenue
Littlebrook Drive
Live Oak Lane
Ljepava Drive
Lolly Court
Lolly Drive
Loma Rio Drive
Lomas Lane
Lomita Avenue
Lomond Court
Los Serenos Robles
Loveland Court
Lucky Road
Lumbertown Lane
Lutheria Way
Lynde Avenue
Lynde Court
Maclay Court
Madrone Hill Road
Magnolia Court
Malcolm Way
Malcolm Avenue
Mallory Court
Manda Court
Mandarin Way
Marden Avenue
Marion Road
Masson Court
Matilija Drive
McGill Road
Mellon Drive
Mendelsohn Lane
Merribrook Court
Merribrook Drive
Merrick Drive
Michaels Drive
Miljevich Drive
Miller Avenue: 12501 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Mina Way
Mirocqua Court
Montalvo Heights Court
Montalvo Heights Drive
Montalvo Lane
Montalvo Oaks Lane
Montalvo Park EXT Road
Montalvo Road
Montauk Court
Montauk Drive
Monte Vista Drive
Montewood Court
Montewood Drive
Moran Lane
Moray Court
Mount Eden Court
Mount Eden Road
Mountain Way
Myren Court
Myren Drive: 13465 - 13533 (odd numbered addresses only)
Myren Drive: 13550 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Nantucket Court
Needham Lane
Newhouse Court
Newport Court
Northampton Court
Northampton Drive All even numbered addresses only
Norton Road
Nutwood Lane
Oahu Lane
Oak Drive
Oak Glen Drive
Oak Hollow Lane
Oak Place
Oak Street
Oakhurst Drive All odd numbered addresses only
Oakridge Road
Obrad Drive
Ojai Drive
Okanogan Court
Okanogan Drive
Old Oak Way
Old Tree Way
Omega Lane
On Orbit Drive
Orchard Road
Orchard Meadow Dr.
Oriole Road
Orleans Court
Overlook Drive
Padero Court
Palermo Court
Palo Oaks Court
Palomino Way
Pamela Way
Panorama Drive
Paramount Court
Paramount Drive
Park Drive
Park Place
Paul Avenue
Peach Rd.
Peach Hill Road
Pepper Lane
Perata Court
Petunia Court
Piedmont Road
Pierce Court
Pierce Road
Pike Road
Pincea Court
Pinnacle Court
Placida Court
Pleasant Avenue
Plymouth Drive
Poindex Terrace Road
Pontiac Avenue
Portos Court
Portos Drive
Portos Place
Prospect Road: No residences on Prospect
Prune Blossom Drive
Quail Acres
Quail Run Court
Quarry Road
Quickert Road
Quito Road: 15398 and greater (even and odd numbered addresses)
Radoyka Drive
Raleigh Place
Rancho Bella Vista
Ranfre Lane
Ravine Road
Redberry Drive
Redhill Road
Regan Drive
Regan Lane
Reid Lane
Reisling Court
Rice Court
Richelieu Court
Ridgecrest Avenue: All odd numbered addresses only
Ridgecrest Avenue: 16290 and greater (all even numbered addresses)
River Ranch Circle
Robin Way
Roble Court
Rocky Creek Way
Rodeo Creek Hollow
Rodoni Court
Romita Court
Ronnie Way
Rossmere Court
Russell Court
Russell Lane
Sanborn Road
San Marcos Road
San Palo Court
Sarahills Court
Sarahills Drive
Saratoga Avenue: 12401 - 13371 (odd numbered addresses only)
Saratoga Avenue: 13371 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Saratoga Creek Drive
Saratoga Glen Court
Saratoga Glen Place
Saratoga Heights Court
Saratoga Heights Drive
Saratoga Hills Road
Saratoga Vista Avenue
Saratoga Vista Court
Saratoga Woods Circle
Saratoga/Los Gatos Road 15800 - 18300 (even numbered addresses only)
Saratoga/Los Gatos Road 15799 and less (odd and even numbered addresses)
Saratoga/Sunnyvale Road 12700 and greater (odd and even numbered)
Saraview Court
Saraview Drive
Scotland Drive
Scott Avenue
Scully Avenue 12442 and greater (odd and even numbered addresses)
Seagraves Way
Seaton Avenue
Serramonte Drive
Sevilla Lane
Shadow Mountain Drive
Shadow Oaks Way
Shady Oak Court
Short Hill Court
Shubert Court
Shubert Drive
Sigal Drive
Singing Hill Lane
Sixth Street
Sky Oaks Way
Sobey Oaks Court
Sobey Road 14133 - 15317 (odd numbered addresses only)
Solana Drive
Spaich Court
Sperry Lane
Springbrook Lane
Springer Avenue
Springer Court
Squirrel Hollow Lane
St. Ann Court
St. Charles Street
Star Ridge Court
Stewart Court
Stone Ridge Drive
Sullivan Way
Sun Valley Court
Sunnyside Drive
Sunset Drive
Surrey Lane
Sycamore Grove
Tamworth Avenue
Taos Court (aka Shady Oak Court)
Taos Drive
Teerlink Way
Ten Acres Court
Ten Acres Drive
Ten Oak Court
Ten Oak Way
Thelma Avenue
Third Street
Thorp Place
Three Oaks Court
Three Oaks Way
Titus Avenue: 12501 odd - 12264 even and greater
Titus Court
Toll Gate Road
Toni Ann Place
Toyon Drive
Tricia Way
Trinity Avenue
Trinity Court
Tweed Court
Twin Creeks Road: 18600 - 18482 (even numbered addresses only)
Upper Hill Court
Upper Hill Drive
Valle Vista Court
Valle Vista Drive
Vaquero Court
Vendura Court
Verde Court
Verde Vista Court
Verde Vista Lane
Versailles Way
Via Arriba Court
Via Arriba Drive
Via Blanc Court
Via Bonita
Via Colina
Via Crescente Court
Via De Marcos
Via Escuela Court
Via Escuela Drive
Via Grande Court
Via Grande Drive
Via Madronas Court
Via Madronas Drive
Via Monte Drive
Via Ranchero Court
Via Ranchero Drive
Via Real Drive
Via Regina
Via Tesoro Court
Vickery Avenue
Vickery Place
Victor Place
Villa Oaks Lane
Village Drive
Vine Street
Vineyard Lane
Vintage Lane
Vintner Court
Vista Regina
Walcot Way
Walnut Avenue
Ward Way
Wardell Road: All even numbered addresses only
Wellington Court
Wendy Lane
West Road
Westcott Drive
Westover Drive
Westview Drive
Wieuca Road
Wild Oak Way
Wildberry Lane
Wildcat Drive
Wildcat Ridge Road
Wildwood Way
Williams Avenue
Winn Road
Winter Lane
Withey Heights Road
Withey Road
Wood Acres Road
Wooddell Court
Woodmont Drive
Woodview Lane
Woodward Court
Woodwardia Lane
Worden Way
Yerba Santa Court
Zinfandel Court

Saratoga Little League Boundry Definition
Beginning with a point of origin where the northwest corner of the Saratoga Country Club property meets the Saratoga City Limits, continuing east-southeast on a line which meets the centerline of Wardell Avenue without intersecting other streets; continuing east to Saratoga/Sunnyvale Road where Wardell Avenue transitions to Cox Avenue; continuing east along the centerline of Cox Avenue to Highway 85; continuing northwest along the center line of Highway 85 until reaching a point where Scully Avenue extended south meets Highway 85; continuing north along the centerline of Scully Avenue to Northampton Drive; continuing east along the centerline of Northampton Drive to Titus Avenue; continuing south along the centerline of Titus Avenue to Bellwood Drive; continuing east along the centerline of Bellwood Drive extended east to Saratoga Creek; continuing north-northeast along Saratoga Creek to Prospect Avenue; continuing east along the centerline of Prospect Avenue to Saratoga Avenue; continuing southwest along the centerline of Saratoga Avenue to Dagmar Drive; continuing east along the centerline Dagmar Drive/Myren Drive to a point directly north of and connecting with Dolphin Drive; continuing south along the centerline of Dolphin Drive to Allendale Road; continuing east along the centerline of Allendale Road to Chester Avenue; continuing south along the centerline of Chester Avenue to Apricot Hill Court; continuing southeast on a line to a point just south of the bridge on Sobey Road and south of Sobey Meadows Court; continuing south and east along the centerline of Sobey Road to Quito Road; continuing north along the centerline of Quito Road to Twin Creeks Road; continuing east along the centerline of Twin Creeks Road to Chadbourne Lane; continuing southeast along the centerline of Chadbourne Lane to its terminus; continuing southeast on a line to a point just south of the bridge on Daves Avenue and south of Via Cabellero; continuing west-southwest along the centerline of Daves Avenue to Los Gatos/Saratoga Road; continuing south along the centerline of Los Gatos/Saratoga Road to Ridgecrest Avenue; continuing southwest along the centerline of Ridgecrest Avenue to Oakhurst Drive; continuing south along the centerline of Oakhurst Drive extended to the Monte Sereno City Limits; continuing southwest along the Monte Sereno City Limits to Overlook Drive; continuing southwest along the centerline of Overlook Drive extended to the terminus of Montevina Road; continuing due west to Highway 35 (Santa Clara/Santa Cruz County Border); continuing northwest along the centerline of Highway 35 to Highway 9 continuing north along a line following the boundary of Saratoga Gap Open Space to a point due east of the southern boundary of Stevens Creek County Park; continuing due east along a line to Stevens Creek Canyon Road; continuing east and north along the centerline of Stevens Creek Canyon Road to Mt. Eden Road; continuing northeast along a line extended to the southwest corner of Cupertino City Limits; continuing east along the Cupertino City Limits to the Saratoga City Limits; continuing along the Saratoga City Limits to the point of origin.

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