Fields Open

All Fields Open.
Stay off any area under repair.

(Posted: Apr 26 @ 7:13:21 AM)
Look for updates by 1pm weekdays and 8am on weekends.
City Hotline: 868-1207

If weather changes AFTER the posting then it is up to opposing coaches to determine if the game will be played.

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Saratoga Little League; A Proud Tradition

Everyone Bats CLEAN-UP

Please Don't Litter

The fields are as clean as we keep them

Saratoga Little League is committed to providing player development & improvement, while teaching good sportsmanship and life lessons. To meet this goal, we have partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). PCA works with coaches and parents to more effectively teach young athletes not only how to win, but also how to learn about teamwork, discipline, respect and goal-setting through their sports experience.

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