Name Position Email
Josh Williams President
Alvaro Orozco Vice President of Operations
Yi-wen Huang Secretary
Ragu Chakravarthi Player Agent
Don Goudy Treasurer
James Campagna
Safety Officer
Dede Smullen Registrar
Jeff Malloy Chief Umpire
Dave Cormier Majors Commissioner
Sharmi Shah AAA Commissioner
Ram Subramanian AA Commissioner
Joe Gangemi Farm Commissioner
Arun Ubale T/Mini-Ball Commissioner
Debbie Bettinger Head Scorekeeper
Ferdinand Evangelista Volunteer Coordinator
Debbie Bettinger Uniforms & Merchandise Coordinator
Chelse Ferrero Fundraising Chair
Steve Dennis Training and Tryouts Coordinator
John Glazzy Fields Coordinator
John Glazzy Equipment Coordinator
Ben Strong (Interim) Information Officer