Players for the 8/9 year old All-star team will be selected through a tryout while the players for the 9/10, 10/11, and 11/12 All-star teams will be selected through a voting process involving players and managers. Even though each group is a mixed age group, the younger players in a particular group need to be judged or score as impact players (in the top 3) in order to earn a place on the team.


All Star players for 9/10, 10/11, and 11/12 teams will be selected based on player votes (1/3 weighted) and coaches votes (2/3 weighted) as follows:

Player votes

  • The League's VP of Operations makes a list of eligible players by age group. Eligible players are those players who have signed the 2016 Saratoga Little League All-Stars Tournament Team Verification of Availability Form and submitted it to the Player Agent.
  • Division Commissioners will meet with each team and players will be able to vote for their age group and only their age group (10's vote for other 10's etc). They will be advised to vote for up to 12 players that they think best represent Saratoga Little League.
  • They are allowed to vote for 12 players. They can vote for less than 12 players but no more than 12 players. If they vote for more than 12 players, their vote will not be counted. They can vote for themselves or their friends and whoever they think will be the best representatives of Saratoga Little League. Only one vote per player
  • Votes will be returned on the spot to the Division Commissioner who will place the votes in a sealed envelope.
    Votes will be counted by the All Star committee.

Managers' Votes

  • Managers will meet with All Star Committee (see below) to discuss All Star candidates. The Majors Commissioner will meet with the Majors Managers and other members of the All Star Committee for the 11s and 12s teams. The AAA Commissioner will meet with the AAA Managers and the other members of the All Stars Committee for the 10s.
  • Managers have the opportunity to ask questions and speak on behalf of the players that they think will best represent Saratoga Little League. They will have the game statistics from the season at their disposal to aid in their decision-making.
  • They may also enter into discussions that will aid in their decision process. (The applicable Division Commissioner will moderate and ensure that communication is positive and appropriate.)
  • Managers will vote immediately at the conclusion of the All Star discussion for the up to 12 players that they feel are the best players to represent Saratoga Little League. Each Manager will have the opportunity to vote for 12 players (again, no more than 12 players).
  • The votes will be placed in a sealed envelope by the Division Commissioner.
  • Votes will be counted by the All Star Committee at the time designated by Division Commissioner.

Committee Calculations

  • At the designated meeting time, the All Star Committee will meet to tally the votes. The All Star Committee is comprised of the Board President, VP of Operations, the Player Agent and the appropriate Division Commissioner.
  • The envelopes with completed ballots for each team will be opened and tallied.
  • Player votes will be entered into spreadsheet and give 1/3 weight per vote
  • Managers votes will be opened and tallied
  • Managers votes will be entered into spreadsheet and given 2/3 weight per vote.
  • Players will be ranked on scores from Highest to Lowest (Highest score being player ranked number 1)
  • This process will be conducted for each age group
  • The players that are ranked 1 through 10 are deemed "untouchable" and cannot be swapped or removed unless by parent request. Players 11 and 12 can be swapped from those players listed as numbers 13, 14,15 or 16 upon request from the manager of the team and then has to be approved by the by the All Star Committee and only for good cause.
  • Player Agent will provide the team composition results to the
  • Saratoga Little League Web Master to post on the website.
  • All Star Managers will contact the selected players and their families to arrange schedules and practice times.
  • Players for the 8/9 year old All-star team will be selected through a tryout which will be conducted on June 3, 2016. The exact time and other details will be announced at a later date.